Staying at the Conference Hotel

Why should I book at the conference hotels?

The hotel rates that The Crustacean Society  (TCS) has negotiated include many benefits for you and for the TCS. Based on the number of rooms in TCS block of hotel rooms, the hotels provide complimentary meeting room space, and reduced food and beverage charges. These savings are passed on to attendees through TCS inexpensive registration rates. If TCS is unable to meet its room-block commitment because attendees are making reservations at other hotels, the hotels charge TCS an attrition fee to make up the hotel's lost revenue. If this were to become a trend, TCS would be forced to increase the registration fee and cut services.

Is it important for me to let the reservations agent know that I'm associated with the TCS meeting?

Yes. TCS receives credit only when registrants tell hotel staff that they are attending the TCS meeting. Please make sure the reservations agent knows you are attending the TCS meeting—whether you or someone else makes your reservation—or make your reservation through the link on the TCS site and it will be handled automatically.

Why does TCS reserve a block of rooms?

The TCS reserves a block of rooms to assure availability of rooms for meeting attendees, especially during the tourist season, when it can be very difficult to find an affordable hotel room. In addition, if TCS didn't reserve a block of rooms, it would be subject to room rental fees and full food and beverage costs, which would greatly increase the cost of holding the meeting.

What is TCS doing to reduce these attrition fees and still keep the meeting affordable?

TCS tracks sleeping room reservations and cancellations at the meeting so that it can more accurately block a number of rooms that will be filled by attendees in the future. However, every discount we receive at a hotel is based on the number of room nights we block, so as we reduce our block, we are consequently paying more for other services at the hotel. Reducing the block means that attendees will either have to pay a higher registration fee or that services will have to be cut.

Please stay at the TCS conference hotel!


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