ICC 9 Special Events


Tour of the Smithsonian Institution “Joseph F. Cullman Library of Natural History” (Rare Book Collection) (http://library.si.edu/libraries/cullman). FREE. Limited participation: small groups on rollout basis to be TBD depending on interest. Please sign-up immediately upon arrival at registration desk. Come browse through old, rare books that you’ve seen in synonymies and taxonomic citations but perhaps have never been able to examine “in the flesh.” (Looking at a book online is just not the same.) The Smithsonian’s Joseph F. Cullman 3rd Library of Natural History welcomes you to an up-close-and-personal display of classic works on crustacea from the Renaissance to the Industrial Revolution: Gessner, Belon, Aldrovandi, Rumpf, Fabricius, Linnaeus, Herbst, Bosc, Latreille, Savigny, Risso, Cuvier, Milne-Edwards, Lucas, Dana, Chenu, and more will be out for you to explore. Aspects of the history of printing that affect your use of these texts will be addressed, particularly dating texts for taxonomic priority when published in parts/fascicles, and assessing the accuracy of hand-coloring for species identification.
For more details contact: Keith Crandall (



“Citizen Science – Crustacean Research for Everybody”. Citizens without formal science education have always contributed to the advancement of crustacean science. With the growth of citizen science efforts, new initiatives have been developed. In this talk an historical overview of citizen involvement in crustacean science will be provided based on specific examples. The principles of good citizen science practice will be highlighted. Opportunities to involve citizens in diverse research activities will be pointed out. Please join us for this special presentation by Dr. Martin Thiel, Facultad de Ciencias del Mar, Universidad Católica del Norte, Chile. Venue: Meyer auditorium at the Freer & Sackler Gallery of Art, Smithsonian Institution. FREE and open to all ICC9 participants. Time: TBD during regular programming schedule.



Field Trip to the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center on Chesapeake Bay, Edgewater, Maryland (https://serc.si.edu/). Duration: 1 day [click here for summary information]. Limit participation: 46 persons, first come first served basis. Cost: US$35 payable at ICC9 online registration, price includes roundtrip transportation and box lunch of blue crab crabcake sandwich. For more details contact: Anson “Tuck” Hines (hinesa@si.edu) or Matthew Ogburn (OgburnM@si.edu).

Field trip to the Maryland coastal plain, site of famous Miocene fossils. Duration: 1 day. For cost and other arrangements contact organizers Rodney Feldmann (rfeldmann@kent.edu) and Carrie Schweitzer (cschweit@kent.edu). Please sign-up immediately upon arrival at registration desk. Limit participation: TBD by field trip organizers.

Tour of the USNM Crustacea collections at the National Museum of Natural History’s Museum Support Center, Maryland. Duration: 4 hours, morning [click here for general information about MSC]. FREE. Limit participation: 42 persons, first come first served basis. Please sign-up immediately upon arrival at registration desk. For more details contact: Rose Gulledge (gulledgr@si.edu) or Karen Reed (reedk@si.edu)


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