Electronic Ballot

The terms of two positions on the 2014 AIBS Board end on 12/31/14 (all other positions on the 2014 Board have terms that continue into 2015).

The two positions coming open are the Presidency currently held by Joe Travis and the Board seat currently held by Jim Collins.

Both positions are eligible for reelection. Both positions are to be voted on internally by the Board.

Joe Travis and Jim Collins have accepted the invitation of the Leadership Development Committee (Chair: Charlie Fenster; Members: Steward Pickett, Karen Schmaling, Susan Stafford) to run for reelection. An earlier call for nominations sent to the Board and to the AIBS membership did not yield additional candidates to bring forward for the slate.

To vote, please fill in your email address below. Click on "Proceed" to start the voting process. You will see a confirmation page; please check your votes and confirm by clicking on "Confirm Vote" at the bottom of the page. This will count your vote and complete the voting process.

If you require assistance casting your vote, please contact

The electronic voting system records whether a Board member has voted and counts the vote. It does not allow tracking of individual votes.

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  • Candidate for AIBS President, to serve a two-year term, 2015 and 2016:
    Joseph Travis (incumbent) (Homepage)
    Abstention from Vote

  • Candidate for Board seat, to serve a one-year term, 2015:
    James Collins (incumbent) (Homepage)
    Abstention from Vote